How to eat healthy at your local supermarket

UK supermarkets are increasingly using robots to help them deliver the groceries they buy, with a new survey finding that shoppers are increasingly choosing to buy from their local store over online orders.UK supermarket chains are increasingly looking to robot-assisted delivery to make their food even more efficient, and the report by the consumer goods research firm, IHS Markit, has found that people are increasingly opting to buy their groceries online.

In a new poll conducted by the supermarket giant, UK supermarket chain Unilever, shoppers were asked if they preferred to buy a product online or at their local supermarket.

More than two-thirds (66%) of those surveyed said they preferred the convenience of ordering online and paying by credit card.

This compares to less than one-quarter (23%) who said they would prefer to buy at a supermarket using a robot, with more than half (56%) preferring to pay by cash.

The UK is a leading country in terms of buying online, with about one in five consumers (19%) now ordering groceries online, according to the latest survey by IHSMarkit, with the UK ranked third in the world behind the US and France.

The survey found that in 2017, the UK was the largest market for grocery online orders in the United States.

However, IHMarkit’s findings show that people in the UK are increasingly buying their groceries in-store and are now buying their own groceries.

More and more consumers are choosing to order online and pay by credit cards, with almost one in three (29%) choosing this option.

This was also the case in 2017.

IHS also found that the UK has the highest proportion of customers ordering their groceries from home, with 37% of customers preferring to do so.

While people are now ordering in-person, more are opting to use robots.

Just under one in four (22%) of consumers have now ordered their groceries using a machine, up from 14% in 2017 and just one in 10 in 2020.

Robots are also increasingly being used to order groceries online and for a wide range of products, with one in eight (8%) saying they are using a robotic to order their groceries, compared to just 1% in 2020, and 1% last year.

The survey also found shoppers are opting for cheaper prices in supermarkets, with people opting to pay £1 less for a single item of food online.

This is also the lowest cost per meal in the country, with around £1 per meal.

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