Dong supermarket hits the headlines after a giant deal

A supermarket in Adelaide has been hit with a $40 million lawsuit after a customer claimed he was left out of his favourite big deal supermarket.

Key points:The customer alleged he was not given his favourite supermarket, but instead left at the door with his credit card bill paidThe customer said he would not have left without his billThe store has apologised and said the decision to pay the bill was not taken on his behalfThe man said he was disappointed that he was only left with his debit card bill on his debit machine, instead of the full $40,000 he had paid to the store.

Key point:The man claimed he left with the bill, but was not informed of the reason for the decisionThe man’s wife said she and her husband were unaware of the deal when they went to the door.

“It was a big surprise,” said the man, who asked to remain anonymous for his safety.

“I was just about to leave when the manager comes up to us and says we can’t pay because we were out of the supermarket.”

He said he could not pay it because we had a credit card on the way.

“So we left and the manager came up to me and said ‘You don’t have a credit cards’ and I just said ‘I do’.”

He was just really annoyed that I left without my credit card and he was just very upset about it.

“The man is now suing the supermarket, its manager and two employees, saying they breached his privacy.”

We don’t know how it was handled, we just wish we had known,” he said.

The store’s chief executive, Richard Brown, said the deal was done on his manager’s behalf.”

The supermarket staff have taken full responsibility and will have no further comment on this matter,” he wrote in an email to the ABC.

The supermarket has said the customer who filed the complaint had requested an alternative name on his credit statement and it was “not possible to contact the customer on that account”.

Mr Brown said the bank would not be providing further comment.

The ABC has contacted the supermarket for a comment.

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