How a firestorm over a grocery store ad sparked the #BlackLivesMatter movement

Posted November 08, 2019 15:34:17 Black Lives Matter protesters have been marching in cities across the United States, staging sit-ins, demonstrations and boycotts.

Now they’re taking to the streets in their hometowns and in front of stores.

#BlackLeafs, the movement’s hashtag on social media, has sparked an outpouring of support and support from both black and white people alike.

Black Lives Matters protesters have also been protesting in other cities, including New York, Philadelphia and Detroit.

#BlacksLives has spread to cities including New Orleans, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Chicago and Milwaukee.

It’s now being reported that several major retailers are being pressured to change their store signage and advertising to be inclusive of all Americans.

The movement’s latest protest is in Portland, Oregon, where protesters marched through the streets of downtown Portland, blocking traffic and chanting slogans like “Black lives matter.”

Protesters have also blocked traffic in Seattle, Portland and Spokane, Washington.

In New York City, protesters are also demonstrating at Macy’s, where a protest is being planned.

Protesters are also holding a rally outside of Macy’s in New York’s Financial District.

The rally is planned for Tuesday afternoon.

Some protesters have reportedly set fires, and some people are being treated by firefighters.

The #BlackLens movement is the largest protest movement on social platforms since Black Lives Empowerment Day, which was celebrated in New Orleans in October.

Many of the protesters have made it a point to walk through the crowds of people, sometimes stopping to take selfies with the demonstrators.

“This is not the world we want,” protester and activist Aisha Scott said.

“We’re here because we’re tired of being told we can’t be our own people, we can only be the ones who are told to shut up and accept the status quo.”

It’s been reported that stores in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia are among those that are reportedly facing boycotts over the protests.

In some countries, stores have also canceled or reduced their holiday events.

The hashtag #BlackHandsMatter has also spread to the U.S., with several demonstrations taking place in cities such as New York and Los Angeles.

In Washington, D.C., protesters have blocked traffic on Interstate 5, with several groups of protesters blocking traffic in front a traffic circle, chanting “Black Lives Matter.”

In Dallas, protesters gathered outside of a police station.

Protesters in Houston and Austin have also joined the protest in Dallas.

A group of protesters in Oakland, California, have also taken to the street to protest a planned event for the first Black Panther Party.

“The Black Lives Movement is here,” protester Donta Thompson told CNN.

“It’s here to stay.

The Black Panther party is here to come out, and the Black Lives matter movement is here for you to come home to.”

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