How to shop at a supermarket without getting scooped

A supermarket sweep has left customers with a $30 million bill from a Walmart’s stakeout.

The payout, which was negotiated by Walmart’s lawyers, included $8.5 million in legal fees and expenses.

Walmart spokesman David Caddell said the chain was not the sole victim.

“We have received a significant amount of consumer complaints regarding the conduct of Walmart associates,” Caddill said in a statement.

“We take them very seriously and will take steps to remedy any issues in the future.”

Caddell acknowledged the retailer “was not a party to the dispute” but said it was a “significant portion of our total compensation.”

The settlement is a blow to a struggling chain that has faced increasing scrutiny over its handling of food safety.

Earlier this year, a lawsuit claimed Walmart’s workers were being paid on a “golden parachute” that was meant to give them “early retirement.”

In July, Walmart announced a plan to hire more than 2,000 workers at its Canadian operations and build more facilities.

At the time, the company said it would “take steps to address the concerns.”

WalMart’s Canada operations have been plagued by safety problems, including an outbreak of foodborne illness linked to contaminated pork.

In November, a worker died after he was accidentally contaminated with an outbreak linked to tainted chicken.

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