How Walmart is changing its grocery store strategy to be more of a shopping experience

Walmart is looking to shift away from its core focus on buying and selling products to focus more on its brand identity and customer service.

The retailer said in a new video it is introducing a new service called Walmart’s BestBuy.

The service, which is being launched today, is a place where customers can shop and compare brands, a move it says is a way to connect with shoppers and keep them coming back.

It will be called Walmart BestBuy and is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2020, Walmart said.

In the video, which you can watch below, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon says he is proud of the way Walmart has changed its grocery business.

“We have always been a company that sells,” McMillon said in the video.

“We sell.

We have to change how we do that.

We’re not going to sell like we used to sell.

This is not a place to be selling to people that don’t want to shop.

This store is going to be where we sell.”

Walmart says the new service is not just about saving money.

Walmart said the new store will help people make the most of their shopping time and focus on quality and value instead of price and volume.

“Now we’re going to take what we know best and we’re just going to do it more,” McMillion said.

“This is a great way for our customers to shop and get value for their money.”

McMillon also said that Walmart will be more proactive about offering discounts on groceries and other goods to help it compete with other retailers.

“As you shop more, you’ll see our prices go up and we’ll be selling more at Walmart,” he said.

McMillons plan to start with Walmart’s most popular brands, such as Walmart Fresh, which he said is now $5.49, and Walmart Fresh.

He also said the company is looking into selling items that have a lower price tag.

“Walmart is a big company,” McMillin said.

He said Walmart will work with suppliers to make sure customers get the best deals on products.

“You’ll see us working with suppliers on price reduction so you can get a better deal on your groceries,” he added.

Mcmillon said Walmart is working to open new stores in major cities in order to expand its reach and to help increase sales.

He said Walmart would also open new store locations in California and Arizona.

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