Is Obamacare a Big Failure?

In a rare interview, Republican Rep. Mike Pompeo of Kansas said his proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act with a single-payer plan was not a failure, and he argued the law was better than what it had become.

“The ACA was a failure,” Pompeo told The Associated Press in an interview that aired Thursday.

“The law was flawed, it was a disaster, it failed miserably.”

The plan Pompeo proposes would replace the ACA with a plan to pay for a single government-run program for everyone, including for everyone who has health insurance.

It would also replace the insurance subsidies that people receive through the ACA.

But the plan Pompeos proposal would not cover everybody in the country, and would leave in place some restrictions on insurance companies that sell policies through the insurance exchanges.

The Republican lawmaker from Kansas said the plan would also require more people to have health insurance, including people with pre-existing conditions, to make up for the loss of the subsidies.

His plan is part of a sweeping GOP push to replace Obamacare that has seen GOP leaders abandon their earlier pledge to repeal and replace it.

They are now proposing to scrap or replace the law entirely.

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