‘What I learned about life and love’: Ralphs restaurant criticises staff

A Ralphs restaurant in Melbourne has taken aim at a staff member who complained about poor service, claiming he was unfairly treated.

Key points:The Melbourne restaurant’s website claims a customer was subjected to a “thunderous” backlash when his order was not deliveredThe customer is said to have told the staff member he wanted to get back to work on FridayThe customer has been quoted in a review on the company’s Facebook page saying “he is a real pain”The customer told the Herald Sun the staff were “horrible” and he was told “there is no one to help”.

He said he had a “large order”, which included a “big salad” and a salad with a “cheese platter” which “seemed like it was going to take forever”.

The customer said he asked for his order on Friday but was told the salad was ready and the order was ready but it wasn’t delivered on time.

“I was told there was no one there to help me and I wanted to be able to get it back,” he said.

“It was quite shocking because I had made an appointment and they were all waiting to get a meal.”

The employee’s complaint was reported to the restaurant’s management team and a manager was contacted.

“We are extremely sorry to hear this has happened, we are very sorry that this has occurred and we want to do everything we can to get this sorted out for the customer and our team,” the company said in a statement.

“The restaurant is working with the customer to address this issue.”

The customer’s post has since been shared more than 2,500 times and has been liked more than 500 times.

“There was no problem with my order being placed, we were simply disappointed that our order was unable to be delivered,” he wrote.

“This is not something we expect at any other Ralphs in the world and we are disappointed with the service we received from the restaurant.”

The restaurant said it was working with staff members to address the issue and said it would be working with customers to ensure their complaints were dealt with.

“Ralphs Melbourne is committed to being a safe and welcoming workplace,” it said in the statement.

“We have a zero tolerance policy towards any behaviour that is disrespectful or not in line with the values and standards we hold ourselves to.”

If you feel that you have been the victim of any kind of discrimination or harassment, please contact our Customer Care team via 1300 555 135.

All our staff are treated with respect and we expect everyone to treat us with the utmost respect,” it added.”

The fact is, the person has apologised, we have apologised and we will make every effort to get to the bottom of this matter.”

All our staff are treated with respect and we expect everyone to treat us with the utmost respect,” it added.

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