How to keep your children safe at Safeway

It’s hard to believe there are still people in the world who are still afraid of getting lost.

But, like many things, that’s changing.

The latest data shows the average amount of people killed by cars in the United States is decreasing by nearly half since 1990.

A total of 1,061 people were killed in crashes in 2017, a decrease of 2 percent compared to 2016.

According to the National Safety Council, there were 1,827 fatal crashes in 2016.

That’s a decrease by almost 60 percent.

The number of people who were killed by a car in 2016 rose by almost 8 percent, from 1,639 to 1,906.

That means there were 5,945 people killed in 2016 in the U.S. alone.

A total of 3,865 people were injured in crashes last year, down by almost 10 percent from 2016.

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, the number of U.K. car drivers injured in 2016 dropped from 1.9 million to 1.6 million.

As for the U-turn, that was just as the numbers dropped.

In 2016, there was an average of 5.8 crashes a day in the country, down from 7.3 in 2015.

The number of accidents dropped from 7,700 to 6,800.

The decrease was mostly driven by the decline in crashes among drivers over age 55.

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