How to tell if you’re being discriminated against at a kosher supermarket

A kosher supermarket is not a religious institution and is not obligated to provide equal treatment to all customers, but the owner is still allowed to refuse service to customers who are Jewish, Muslim, Christian or Jewish holidays or Jewish observances.

If you’re a Jewish holiday shopper, you might be more likely to be discriminated against, according to a new study.

Good fortune supermarket in South Carolina is not kosher, but it has a special dispensation for Jews, Muslims, Christians and Jewish holidays, including Jewish observance of Jewish holidays.

The company has received complaints from customers who were not offered any special service because they were Jewish holidays shopper.

But Good fortune is not alone in its religious observance policies.

A number of other kosher supermarkets in the US and Europe also prohibit customers from wearing certain religious headwear or wearing religious jewelry, including the kippa, kippah or yarmulke.

“A lot of the Jewish holiday shoppers we talk to are very religious,” said Richard Lebovitz, director of the Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park.

He said the observance ban at the grocery chain may not have been a religious ban, but a lack of kosher facilities, such as an ice cream van or catering service, has made it difficult for many to find kosher food in their communities.

We’ve got to be mindful of these religious institutions and their religious practices, Lebavitz said.

As a Jewish company, Good fortune has been open about its kosher policies.

Its website says it respects the rights of all customers and employees.

Lebovitzer said Good fortune was able to comply with its policy because of the business opportunity that comes from providing kosher goods and services to customers.

The Good fortune company has since closed all of its kosher stores in the country, but has decided to reopen one in South Florida.

For some Jewish shoppers, the lack of accommodations and accommodations at kosher shops has become more difficult because of their religious observances, LeBovitz said, adding that the decision to close the kosher grocery chain in the South is not based on discrimination.

In 2016, Good luck opened two other South Florida kosher supermarkets, the J.C. Good fortune, which sells products such as baked goods and cheese, and the M.G. Good luck, which provides kosher groceries and other kosher goods.

It’s not the first kosher supermarket in the United States to close its doors over religious objections.

The Food Lion chain, based in Georgia, has closed stores in Texas and Texas state.

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