Which supermarket is most popular in Jerusalem?

JERUSALEM — A supermarket in Jerusalem’s upscale Jabel Mukaber neighborhood was the most popular among the supermarket liquors in the area, a survey by the supermarket industry body shows.

It was also the place with the most customers in a five-day period, said the Israeli supermarket trade association.

In the past, it was not clear if this place was the leading spot for liquors.

A number of other shops were also popular, but not at the same rate.

“There were a few that were popular,” said Yitzhak Givon, head of the Israel-Palestine supermarket trade union.

But the number of customers dropped, and the number that stayed was not very high.

According to a report published in The Jerusalem Report, some 40% of the customers that entered the market at the start of the week were from the Jerusalem area.

The survey also showed that the number increased on the third day, from 40% to 50%, and that in the first five days, the number was 50%.

The number of people who stayed after the opening hours dropped from 20% to 10%.

Givon said the number decreased for the day after the first night, but he said the trend did not continue.

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