Why is my favourite brand still a mystery?

I think I’ll go with Martin’s, but the answer is probably the same for most of the other supermarket brands I tried. 

If you’re a consumer, the question of where to shop for your groceries is really the deciding factor when it comes to choosing between two or three brands. 

Martin’s, for example, is the brand that is used by most of my friends and family, but it doesn’t necessarily have the most exciting name recognition amongst the retailers I tried for this article. 

In my opinion, Martin’s has the biggest marketing presence, so you can see why it’s the brand I went with. 

Its name sounds cool, but what can you do with that? 

What’s the difference between the different brands?

The answer to this question is not simple, but I’ve spent enough time shopping at stores that I know what I want, and what I don’t. 

You can shop in a lot of stores, but only if you are buying in bulk, or if you plan to shop a lot in one place. 

So, let’s look at how Martin’s is different from the other brands I’ve tried.

   Brand name Martin’s name brand name price price price Martin’s Super Super Superfoods Superfoodstore Superfoodstores Superfood Superfood stores Superfood store Superfood supermarket Superfood supermarkets Superfood retailer Superfood superfood supermarket Superfood supermarket Martin’s Natural Supernatural Natural Natural Natural natural Natural Natural natural natural natural Natural natural natural natural natural Natural natural Natural Natural Natural Martin’s Organic Organic Organic organic organic organic Organic organic organic organic organic Martin’s Non-GMO Non-GM Organic Organic Non- GM Organic Organic non-GM non- GM non- GMO non-organic non- GE Non-GE non-GE non-GE Non- GE non GE natural naturalNaturalNaturalNatural NaturalNaturalMartin’s Organic Natural NaturalNaturalNatural NaturalNaturalMartin and Natural Martin Superfood NaturalNatural Natural naturalNaturalNaturalSuperfoodNaturalNaturalNatureNaturalNatural

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