5 things to know about the new Walmart in Italy

We’re heading into the Italian market in the second week of January, and we’re starting to see some really exciting things happening in the Italian supermarket scene.

We already know that a big part of the reason behind Walmart’s expansion into the region is to offer more choice, more choices.

But now that the Italian government has finally approved a $3 billion expansion of the company’s headquarters in the country, Walmart is starting to bring its full complement of stores to the country.

That means a whole new level of choice.

Walmart is opening a new branch in Milan, opening up another store in Florence, and even opening a brand new store in Torino.

It’s already announced a brand-new Italian store in the capital, which will be called the “Walmart of Shoes.”

But there’s more to come.

It will be the largest Italian store to open since Walgreens opened in the city of Milan in 2007, according to the news site Cagliari.

It will also be the country’s largest retailer to open in Europe since it opened its first store in Switzerland in 1998.

The opening of the new Walgreen store comes on the heels of Walgrees announcement of a partnership with Italian luxury brand Giorgio Armani.

The Italian brand announced that it will be partnering with Walmart for the opening of a new store next year in Milan.

In fact, the announcement of the partnership is only the latest sign of Walmart’s desire to expand in the region.

It also announced that a new Italian store will open in Milan in 2021, which is the same year as the launch of the Giorgios stores.

And the Italian branch of Walmart is already open in Florence.

The new store is being billed as the first in the world, but it isn’t just another new store.

It comes with some new services, too.

It is the first of its kind in Europe and it will offer the same services as the existing store, according Walmart.

It has a separate entrance, separate parking, and an outdoor patio area.

And Walmart is offering special deals on the products, including discounted prices on select products.

The company has also announced a new partnership with Giorgi, which includes the opening and installation of a solar roof for the new store and the creation of a renewable energy program.

Walmart hopes that the solar installation will help the store reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We also have the possibility of the opening an additional Italian branch, according a Walmart spokesperson.

It may be an expansion in terms of its total number of stores in the European region, but the store itself will be a continuation of the current Italian branch.

In the meantime, the brand is also expanding in the US, opening a store in San Francisco.

The new store will be at the top of a two-story building that has been renovated to include a new fitness center.

The entire building will be connected to the store through an indoor and outdoor terrace.

The terrace will have indoor and outdoors seating.

There will also still be a separate parking lot and an indoor market for the products.

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