California’s tropical fruit market to open after two years of drought

CAIRO — California’s tropical forest is on track to open in a few weeks.

But as California’s two-year drought continues, the state’s largest supermarket chain is taking a step back.

A two-storey supermarket in the coastal city of Coachella is the first step to open a full-service grocery store that will include wine and beer.

The store is named the Acapulca Tropical Fruit Store and it will be located next to a tropical grove where the trees are already sprouting.

“It’s a new frontier for us,” said John Smith, co-owner of the supermarket chain Acapula Tropical Fruit.

It’s just a couple of years ago that we were planning to open the Acampulca supermarket, but we couldn’t afford to buy it because we didn’t have enough cash to pay for the construction.

Now that we have enough, we will open it.

Smith said he expects the store to open by the end of the year.

We’re in the middle of this two-month drought,” Smith said.

There are only three or four trees left on Acapuas trees.

I have been working for about five years to get here.

I had my first fruit farm when I was 16 years old, and I started doing fruit farming when I graduated from college in the late 90s.

Acapolcares workers have been growing fruit on trees for more than a decade.

When Acapucas started opening its first fruit grove last year, some farmers said it was the beginning of the end for the industry in the state.

They said the trees needed to be cut down to make room for a new grocery store.

This is the last thing we need.

We are looking at it as a business decision.

We have to focus on the business and the farm.

As a company, Acapalas has a long history of supporting farmers.

It opened the first supermarket in San Diego in 1972.

Acapeulcas founder and co-founder John Smith says the supermarket is the next step in the chain’s efforts to be a sustainable farm.

Smith said the company’s goal is to produce a full range of products, and its focus is on organic farming and sustainable sourcing.

In the last four years, Acapeula Tropical Produce has increased production from about 1 million pounds to about 2.5 million pounds, said Smith.

Acapulcas will also be the first fruit producer to open its first supermarket, which is expected to open next year.

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