Milan’s Milan-Oslo metro line to be extended for 12 months

By Ben Folds article A new metro line between Milan and Oslo will be extended through the heart of Oslo for 12 more months, with an extension that could bring some major changes to the city’s commuter traffic.

The new extension, which is set to open in 2020, will extend the Line Milano to Oslo by more than 10km, from the current 5km-long segment to a more suitable 12km stretch that would enable trains to run on both sides of the country at speeds of up to 30km/h.

This new route will be much more efficient and safer for people travelling between the two cities, with no disruption to the Oslo-Milan commuter rail network, said the transport minister, Bjørn Lomborg, who announced the extension on Friday.

“The extension is an important step towards bringing the line into line with Oslo’s ambitions and the world’s best rail networks, so it is crucial that it goes ahead as planned,” he said.

Lomborg, the former finance minister of Norway, is the chairman of the Norwegian Railway Union.

He said the extension will bring about a further 50% reduction in rail traffic and a further 100% reduction for people using the metro in Oslo, making it a “more effective way to connect people in Oslo with people in Milan”.

“This will be a real boost to the economy and will help the economy grow even further, he added.

Milan’s subway line was launched in the late 1980s and has been the mainstay of Oslo’s commuter rail system.

It has been run for 25 years, and the last extended stretch of it was in 2013.

But its length has grown in recent years due to a series of maintenance and construction problems and the need for additional trains to take passengers between Oslo and Milan.

Milano’s metro line is currently in a state of limbo, with plans to extend it in 2020.

But this could be postponed if Lomborg decides to re-think the project.

Lincoln Krasny, a former head of the Oslo Metropolitan Council, said that a recent study found that it would be cheaper to build a new line through Oslo and run trains in both directions.”

We can have a new metro with a different station and a different route,” he told AFP news agency.”

I think it’s important that the metro goes forward because it is a vital link for the city and the economy.

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