What you need to know about Africa’s largest grocery chain

African supermarkets are the largest in the world.

With more than 400 stores across the continent, and more than 200 branches around the world, there are more than 1.4 billion people in the continent.

But what about the big grocery chains?

What’s the difference between the big guys and the small guys?

We spoke to Jamie’s supermarket co-owner Jamie Gadd, who told us what makes a supermarket different from other chains.

He said that for the most part, it’s about quality, price and convenience.

“I would say the quality is about what’s in the box.

I would say if you have a supermarket that’s in a big, big supermarket like Wal-Mart, you know, they have a lot of things, and they are all on the same shelf,” he said.”

There’s not much difference in quality and prices because you can get the same thing for less money.

It’s all the same quality.

You’re getting the same price.

That’s all there is.”

Jamie’s is the largest supermarket in Africa, but its competitors are all competing for customers.

So why do they do what they do?

“We do what we do because we love the customers,” Gadd said.

“We love our customers, we love our staff, we like our customers to have fun.

We love our environment.

We’re a family business.

We just do what makes sense for us and our customers.”

So, why does Jamie’s have a branch in Kenya?

Gadd explained, “Because we’re doing a lot more work in Kenya than we are in other places.”

Jamie Gadd with his supermarket.

Jamie’s Kenya is the biggest supermarket in Kenya, but it has a branch at its Westport headquarters.

Jamie Gads supermarket in Westport, New South Wales, Australia.

Jamie is the head of operations at Jamie’s Kenya.

Jamie also told Mashable that he and his staff are doing more work outside of the supermarket, in the field.

“You can get all these other things in the market, and you can’t do that in the supermarket,” he told us.

“I’m a farmer, so you need everything that you can have on the farm.”

Jamie says that his staff at Jamie Gads Kenya are doing all the farm work, and he loves what they’re doing.

“The farmers in Kenya don’t get the benefit of that kind of work.

It is very important to me to see my people getting paid to do this,” he explained.

“So when they come to work, they do the work they love, and that’s what we love about Jamie’s.”

Jamie also tells us that the main reason for Jamie’s being based in Kenya is because he loves the customers.

“We love the people,” he says.

“It’s a great environment, it is a great place to work.

We have all the amenities you would expect in a supermarket.

It would be a shame to leave our customers and staff in the cold.”

Jamie’s is a family-owned business, and Gadd says that the focus on the customers makes it so much more than just a grocery store.

“The focus on our customer is what makes it work,” he explains.

“If you can see your customers doing that, and having fun doing it, then you’re going to win customers.

If they can do that, you can do much better.”

Jamie has spent his entire career working at Jamie, but he says that he’s not happy at the moment.

“There’s a lot that I would love to do, but I just can’t go to a store and do what I want to do,” he admitted.

“That’s not my style.

I want people to come to the store and enjoy what they have to offer, not to take their money and buy a few things.”

We spoke with Jamie about his experience at Jamie for Africa, and what he hopes to achieve in the future.

Jamie said that he has no plans to leave the supermarket anytime soon.

“If I had to say, I would like to stay, I’d like to be part of Jamie for African,” he assured us.

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