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Bestway supermarket has a new strategy for getting their customers to stay at the store, as they unveil a new grocery store concept that will allow them to take their customers anywhere in the world.

Bestway, the leading independent supermarket chain in the UK, is aiming to create a ‘grocery empire’ by 2020, which is where customers will now be able to shop and stock their groceries at any of their stores.

The company, which launched their first UK grocery store in March, has been working on the concept for some time, with the company’s chief executive, Nick Harris, claiming that the supermarket will allow shoppers to have a grocery shopping experience wherever they are, rather than just in one location.

The concept allows shoppers to order groceries online and have them delivered to their door, with a selection of products being provided on the shelves.

The supermarket is aiming for a new customer experience and convenience, but not only for shoppers.

The concept also allows them to get access to new products, as well as offering a range of other new products such as premium coffees, ice cream, organic teas and beauty products.

The chain is also looking to build up its network of supermarkets in other countries around the world, where they will be able sell their goods and services to a much larger customer base.

The new concept will be the first in a series of supermarkets to be unveiled in the coming years, with plans to have at least 10,000 stores across the UK in 2020.

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