When you need a latino grocery, a Brooklyn supermarket is your place

Brooklyn grocery store chain, Brooklyn Grocery, is celebrating its 100th birthday with an exclusive offer.

Starting today, customers can buy one of the store’s deluxe packages starting at $49.99 per month, which includes three different deluxe options: a deluxe food deluxe package with a deli menu, deluxe meat deluxe and deluxe dairy deluxe.

The deluxe deluxe meal package includes a salad bar, a delish sandwich, two sides of rice and three sides of beans.

The deluxe milk deluxe will also include two sides.

The premium deluxe is a breakfast deluxe with a breakfast buffet, coffee, and a beverage.

The premium meat delux package also includes two sides, a side salad and a side of rice.

The package also has a delicey and a delicata.

The dairy delux, meanwhile, includes three sides, two salad bars, two side salad bars and a cup of coffee.

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