Why is this flower selling so poorly?

Two days after the price of a single bouquet of rose petals plunged by almost 60% as a result of the UK’s worst price competition in a generation, the market for rose petal flowers is on the back foot again.

The market’s biggest retailers have had to scale back the number of rose flower displays they are holding across the country, in an attempt to curb the damage caused by the price drop.

In London, the number held by the flower shop chain, The Flower Shop, dropped by nearly a third, with the total number of displays at its branches down by 30%.

But at the same time, the prices of other roses, such as daisies, rose petaled roses and daisettes, have risen by up to 60% over the past year.

A spokesperson for The Flower Shops said the fall in rose prices had affected the business, which had had to increase its displays to meet demand, in the face of a steep fall in prices across the UK.

“The drop in the rose prices has meant that our flower sales have dropped by up 30%, with an additional 30% drop at our other stores across the capital,” she said.

“These sales have also impacted our business in other areas, which has resulted in us being unable to keep up with the demand for our rose petales.”

In Manchester, rose prices rose by around 70% on average since April last year, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Meanwhile, in Manchester, where rose prices were among the highest in the UK in April, flower shops have also been forced to cut back on displays, as prices have risen even more sharply. 

The price of rose has been dropping in recent months as consumers have become increasingly aware of the harmful effects of pesticide use in rose petaling roses.

The toxic chemical is known as thymosin B2, which can cause a range of health problems, including heart disease, lung disease and cancer.

According to research by the British Medical Association, rose is a particularly popular flower for people with asthma, as well as being used in beauty products.

It also can be used as a base for flowers in cosmetics.

 But the fall has been particularly severe in the past two months, when prices for rose flowers fell by around 50%. 

Despite the steep fall, the price per rose has continued to rise, with flowers costing around £3,400 in April. 

“Rose prices are still a bit of a surprise to people, because they’re normally fairly expensive,” said Lisa Smith, head of marketing at The Flower Shoes, which is based in London. 

Rose prices have remained in the red in the last year. 

In April, rose sales in London fell by nearly 60%, according to figures from the British Retail Consortium.

In the three months to April, the UK rose rose by 5.4% in the year to date.

In March, the British rose flower industry saw a 20% fall in sales, and the industry suffered a 26% drop in value, according the BRC. 

Despite these statistics, The Beekeepers Association, a group of rose growers, said rose prices could still be stabilising in the future, but there was a danger of the trend being reversed. 

 “The rise in prices has been happening for a while, so we don’t think we’ve had a sustained decline in rose production,” said Paul Taylor, chief executive of The Beekeeper Association. 

Last year, the Breghead Rose Association said rose costs were rising at a rate of about 30% a year, with some producers reporting a 30% to 60%, 20% to 40% fall on average in prices over the previous three years. 

However, Mr Taylor said the number could be on the rise again.

“It could be a trend that starts to pick up again, but it’s too early to say,” he said.

The decline in price rose in June after a month of record rises. 

On the same day, flower sellers across the nation held sales across the market, according to The Business of Flowers, an organisation representing the flowers industry.

The sales figures are from a report published by The Beemakers Association.

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