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on FourFourtwo: article Flashing lights, high-visibility signs, the occasional chain sign and a sign that says “halal” will not be permitted at the first four locations of Halal Supermarket.

But as the chain’s new “Halal” section of its website states, the company has taken the “principle” and “rules” into account.

So, if you are a customer who is not familiar with halal food, and are thinking about purchasing a product, halal is a question of convenience and not a concern.

“Halal food is not a commodity,” the website says.

“It is a natural and important part of the Muslim diet.”

But this is a big change, said the co-founder of the halal marketer’s group, Shaukat Ahmad.

“It will take some time to be embraced and accepted by the community, but it is the right thing to do,” he said.

Ahmad said the halaleens, which are required to purchase halal products, will not have to meet strict security requirements to open shop, as has been the case at other supermarkets.

And while he does not know of any halal stores in the US, he does know of halal supermarkets in Europe.

At the moment, he said, there are about 10 halal retailers in the UK and France, and about 15 in the Middle East.

He expects the halals to expand beyond the UK to other European countries, including Spain, Italy and Germany, and to the US and Canada.

In a statement, the chain said it has already expanded the market to the United States and the Middle Eastern countries and plans to continue to expand the chain.

Halal grocery chains have been facing criticism from some Muslims, particularly over food safety standards and whether they comply with halala, or Islamic law.

Some halal companies have also raised concerns over whether they are taking proper steps to ensure that their products are safe for the Muslim community.

The chain said in a statement it has been working with the Food Standards Agency to make changes to ensure halal-friendly food is available to customers.

It added that its halal policy was “not based on religion or belief” and it has always taken into account local community and halal standards.

While the chain has no plans to move halal grocery stores, Ahmad said it is looking to expand to new markets, including the Middle West.

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