How a Supermarket Sweep in Queensland Can Save Lives

MARIANA’S is a popular supermarket in Brisbane’s CBD.

There are also several other supermarkets in the city, such as The Fresh Market, which is located just down the road from the supermarket.

But last week, it was the work of two men who came into Mariana’s store, carrying bags full of dead pigs, which was deemed suspicious.

It happened at around 4.30am last Saturday, and they went in.

The pair had previously found the carcasses of two dead pigs inside a storage bin.

“There were no other witnesses, and the store was closed at the time,” a spokesperson for the supermarket said.

“A member of the staff was able to locate a large amount of pigs in the area, and was able collect the bodies.”

The dead pigs were discovered in a bag and were later sent to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital where they were identified as two male pigs.

“This was a case of animal cruelty,” Mariana Store manager Tom Taylor told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“It was a disgusting, horrific case.”

The supermarket is a community business and we are extremely thankful for the quick response by our store managers and police.

“The Queensland Health Department’s Animal Cruelty Investigation Unit said the incident was not suspicious, but the pair was under investigation.”

We will be carrying out an independent assessment of the circumstances surrounding this incident,” a spokeswoman for the Queensland Health department said.”

If we have any information to suggest the incident may have been related to animal cruelty, we will be contacting the person responsible.

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