How to save the day at a Japanese supermarket

If you are in Japan and have not visited one of its many supermarkets, here are some tips to save you some time.


Don’t spend your hard-earned cash on expensive products like a baguette or a large bottle of water, instead buy cheap items such as rice, noodles and other noodles, and other household items.

If you don’t know how to cook noodles, ask your host for a hand-made one, and give the ingredients to your chef.


Buy food at the local market or online.


Buy local and organic foods, avoid imported food.


Keep food at home and cook your own meals.


Get a job, even if you can’t speak Japanese, if you want to be in Japan.

You will be able to get job opportunities in the near future.


Go for walks and explore the sights.


Go shopping, or go for a weekend trip to the shops, and go shopping in your own neighbourhood, or the area of the city centre, where you live.


Visit places of cultural significance, such as temples, or places of interest such as museums, or a zoo, or even go to places of worship such as Buddhist temples, for an experience of Buddhism.


Visit museums, art galleries, or historic sites, for a more traditional view of life, and for a good view of nature.


Visit nature reserve, or do nature photography, to take in the sights and sounds of nature and the countryside.


Take a tour of the local area, or take an guided tour of a traditional village or town.


Go out for a walk, or walk on a trail, to find a particular place.


Do a local language test, such a Japanese language test is available in many places.


Go on a hike, or hike in a forest.


Learn Japanese at a local school, or by watching a local video.


Visit the local zoo or aquarium, or visit a zoo in Japan, or attend a zoo at a museum.


Learn a language of a particular culture or language, such learning a language at a cultural institution is a great way to learn a new language.


Take an evening class, or learn Japanese at home, in your language of choice, and practice it on a Japanese-speaking colleague.


Learn the Japanese alphabet, which is very useful if you need to communicate in Japanese, or if you are not fluent in English, because it has so many kanji.


Take Japanese lessons at a language school, such schools are very popular in Japan for those who do not speak English.


Get your own Japanese language certificate, such an official certificate is required to get an English-language learner visa.


Attend an online Japanese language course.


Go to a Japanese museum or cultural site.


Visit a local park, or wander around a nearby forest.


Visit one of the many Japanese restaurants in Japan’s famous shopping district, shopping, and dining.


Go grocery shopping, in a Japanese restaurant.


Take home a Japanese gift, such this Japanese gift guide is a good starting point.


Take your own video, or watch a local Japanese film.


Take part in a guided Japanese language tour.


Get involved in local events such as a festival, or participate in a traditional festival, such festivals in Japan are extremely popular in the past decade.


Take some guided Japanese lessons.


Visit temples, shrines and temples, and spend time at the shrines, or visiting some of the more famous shrines in Japan such as the Kyoto, Chiba, or Nagasaki.


Visit cultural sites, such temples, Buddhist temples and temples of a Buddhist faith, or Buddhist temples in Japan with a Japanese name.


Go hiking, and learn the Japanese way of hiking.


Take another Japanese language class, and take some Japanese classes, or some Japanese language lessons, to learn the language of the country.


Visit historical sites, and observe history in a historical context.


Go visit a local aquarium, such aquariums are very well-known, and you will not only have a wonderful view of the natural world, but you will also have a good experience as well.


Visit an amusement park, such Tokyo Disneyland has been in operation since 1972.


Go take part in local music festivals, such local music festival, music festivals are an important part of Japanese culture, and are one of many popular Japanese festivals.


Take the train to or from a Japanese station, or to a train station, and visit a train, and a train at the same time.


Go buy a ticket to an upcoming Japan International Airshow, such if you plan to travel to Japan, go to an airport or train station in Japan to buy a plane ticket

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