The Jumbo Food World: The new Jumbo Foods

By Sangeeta Mukherjee/Mint/News24  The new Jumba Foods is a brand new supermarket chain, a brand that has been launched by the Jumbas in India.

Jumbawatt is one of the leading supermarket chains in India and has been making a name for itself as a premium supermarket chain since its inception in 2018.

The Jumbaws are expected to make a big splash as they will be launching the Jumbofoods supermarket in Mumbai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai by March 31.

It is expected that they will offer a wide range of premium brands. 

The brand, which will be called Jumbagast, will be the flagship brand in the Jamba brand.

The brand is expected to offer a range of products, including a range with the brand name Jumbawa, a range that will include the new Jambalaya range, the new Chaturbari range and the new Murala range.

In addition to the brand, the Jambalam range will be offered in various stores across the country.

This is the first time that a brand name has been attached to the Jomba brand, said an official from the brand. 

A Jambali, which is a Jumbo supermarket, is an item in which a small portion of the food item is sold for Rs 25 per kg.

The price is fixed at Rs. 25 per kilogram. 

As the Jombs are new to the market, the brand will launch the brand in Mumbai and Mumbai-Hyderabad.

It will also launch the Jombofoods brand in Chennai, Chennai-Mumbai and Hyderabad by March 29.

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