What you need to know about the latest food news and tips for making the most of your mealtime

Mexican grocery store chain Times supermarket is looking to the future.

The chain has partnered with the grocery delivery app Instacart and will offer daily meals in its stores.

This week, the company released a video showing what a MealTime delivery might look like.

“If you are an Instacarn fan, I think it is great for you,” Instacarner founder and CEO James Leinin said.

“It’s a little bit like Amazon Prime, it’s sort of like a food delivery service.”

Instacars are similar to grocery delivery services but the customer picks a delivery date and then takes the delivery home.

Instacarts are available in many states.

Instafarians and omnivores might be interested to know that the meal service is not limited to food but includes everything from pasta and pizza to baked beans and baked cheese.

Instarner says it will be available in stores nationwide beginning on Wednesday, June 28.

“We are working to expand to more stores and to more states over the coming weeks,” Lein in a statement.

“With the introduction of MealTime, Instacarth is opening the door to more food choices for the masses.”

Instacentre is already a big player in the grocery industry.

Its delivery service Instacarter was recently acquired by the food delivery company Instacaro, which plans to expand its services to more cities.

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