What you need to know about the new supermarket sweep

As we head into this month’s grocery sweep, the big retailers are looking to make the biggest waves with new and exciting promotions.

With the Christmas shopping season approaching, it’s a good time to look at the biggest supermarket sweeps to date.

We’ve compiled all the supermarket sweep news from the past month to give you a taste of what’s going on.

For more on the latest shopping trends, check out our shopping guides to get you started.

New supermarket sweeps are a new twist on the traditional shopping experience.

As in previous sweeps, shoppers will now be able to browse through a variety of products and categories, as well as check out a selection of new products.

But it’s the special promotions that are most exciting, as shoppers will be able access their online account and purchase the items from the supermarket for just a few cents, as opposed to paying a few hundred dollars for them.

As the new sweep arrives, shoppers are also encouraged to check out other online retailers that are participating in the sweep.

Check out our full list of the biggest supermarkets to be swept below.

Read more about the supermarket sweeps:

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