Italian supermarket sweep sweatshirts in ‘shopping spree’

Italian supermarket giant Saks has been selling off sweaters, shirts and even other clothing in an effort to keep up with demand for its namesake brands.

The supermarket has reportedly spent around €20 million to buy up its iconic brands and is also working on a number of deals in other categories, such as shoes, bags and clothing.

One of the biggest deals so far is the purchase of the rights to the name “Italian”, which is owned by the country’s biggest supermarket chain.

The name is now owned by Italian conglomerate Saks Group, which owns the entire Italian market.

Saks will also continue to be part of the Italian clothing market, as part of a deal with the European Commission.

Sars will also become the exclusive market operator for the brand “La Repubblica”, which means “red and white”.

The brand has a range of sweaters and other clothing under the brand name “La Luta”, as well as an assortment of other products including hats, hats, scarves, scarfies, scarfs, scarfties and more.

The new agreement also includes the rights for “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, which Saks is the official newspaper of the sportswear and athletic apparel company.

The company has been looking to expand its sports brands in recent years, and in February the company unveiled a new line of sports coats and shorts.

Italian retail giant Sars was founded in 1961 and has been part of Italian economic growth for more than a century.

It has a portfolio of more than 200 products, including clothing, footwear, handbags, home furnishings, home decor and electronics.

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