How to fight the obesity epidemic

The Food and Drug Administration is reviewing the health risks posed by obesity and other lifestyle factors as it considers banning products with added sugars, the agency’s chief medical officer told lawmakers on Wednesday.

Dr. Deborah J. Fuhrman is the lead author of the FDA’s advisory committee on sugar.

The FDA is set to vote on whether to ban a variety of sugar-based beverages in July.

Fuhrmans panel will be reviewing how much sugar to put in a beverage and whether it could be linked to weight gain, diabetes and other health issues.

Fust said the panel’s next steps are to review sugar in food and how much of it should be added to the food supply.

The panel’s recommendations could take a few years to implement, Fust said.

The FDA’s proposed ban is part of the agency being re-engineered to make it more effective and accountable to consumers.

The agency also is considering requiring that products with high levels of added sugars be labeled with a warning label, like those found on foods.

Fust also is reviewing how to handle the health effects of added sugar, including whether to regulate its use.

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