Best Door Handles Comparison Tables

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Here, our experts will explore all current door furniture trends and include essential technical information on choosing the best interior door handles for your home to complete any interior design.

Choose Your Door Furniture

Door Handles

Just like any other interior design task, you will most likely want to incorporate a uniform style throughout your home. You can do this by choosing the same door design in your home. Therefore, the first step in choosing the ideal door furniture may be to evaluate the attributes, the overall theme, decide where to install the new hardware and whether you should opt for a more modern or traditional design.

When choosing new door hardware, there are many deciding factors to consider, including whether you need a door handle or handle, the style of hardware that works for your door, the finish you should use, and the room in which you will be installing it.

Consider The Style Of Your Home

We know deciding on a new interior door handles can be difficult, so first, start by evaluating the overall style of your home.

If your furniture has a traditional style, or it may be a period property, opting for an innovative corner handle sounds unusual and looks out of place. Likewise, choosing an antique, classic handle for your door will interrupt the seamless modern interior of your home.

Here, we’ll walk you through some of the door handle designs available to give you a clearer idea of which style to choose.


Door Handles

Our traditional door handles are a great way to incorporate period details into your home and are the ideal final touch for properties influenced by classic, period homes or vintage interiors.

Available in a variety of finishes, pair traditional door handles with warm, well-worn metal finishes to add extra charm and glamour to your home.

Explore our range of traditional door handles.


Door Handles

Our modern door handles feature a distinctive character with outstanding clean lines, modern curves and geometric shapes. Often featuring a minimalist design, our modern handles are the perfect finishing touch to a minimalist style.

Modern door handles have a relaxed look, and their availability in neutral shades like chrome only emphasizes their understated appearance.

An ideal addition to a modern contemporary interior, choosing a modern door handle will add an eye-catching feature to your doorway. Browse our collection of modern door handles.


Door Handles

The Victorian was an age of luxury, and our Victorian doorknobs exemplify that well. Taking inspiration from this era, our door handles are one-of-a-kind, and their clean and gorgeous design makes them an effortless but eye-catching feature on your doorway.

Available in finishes such as brass and chrome, our Victorian door handles are an easy way to add luxury, style and glamour to your home.

Regardless of your style preferences, Victorian door handles are a highly versatile style that complements many interiors. Whether modern or traditional; our Victorian door handles will stand out and effortlessly bring together the design you want. Pick your favourite style from our collection of Victorian door handles.

Do You Need A Door Handle Or A Door Handle?

Perhaps the most important decision will be deciding whether to choose a door handle or a door handle. Both are available in many styles, from classic traditional styles to more striking modern designs.


The most timeless choice, the door handle was one of the first inventions of door hardware and continues to be a popular choice for era properties. Ideal for a more discreet look, door handles don’t have to be limited to period properties or classic designs; they can look great in a contemporary designed room.


Door handles have been a more modern option since the early 1800s. With the addition of a pull rod, door handles are often easier to operate: Pull rods provide a better grip and are ideal for anyone, especially those with limited mobility.

Likewise, for door handles, door handles are available in a variety of styles, different colors and finishes, providing the perfect choice no matter your decorating preferences.

Ultimately, the final decision on which one to choose will come down to your personal preferences and style choices.